Coastal Engineering

Coastal Protection

Coastal protection schemes are often required adjacent to ports, outlets, reclamation schemes and other man-made coastline interventions, or from the consequences of climate change. Coastal protection schemes are required to protect public and private properties from coastal erosion. Designs for these protection schemes may consist of (a combination of):
• Repetitive beach nourishment
• Groynes, build from rocks or lighter structures (piles, geosynthetic elements)
• Reefs or breakwaters, low-crested or submerged reefs, attached or detached from the shoreline
• Revetments consisting of rocks, concrete elements or seawalls

Each solution or a combination thereof has its own merits or disadvantages, to be customized and balanced for each project, based on the local situation, hydraulic conditions and client demands. Depending on the driving morphological forces, local coastal features and availability of material, the best solution is selected and a design of the coastal protections scheme is made.

Engineering and Design

CDR can provide the following coastal protection engineering studies:
• (Historical) Coastline evolution studies
• Wave and flow modelling studies to derive ambient and extreme (design) conditions
• Integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) studies
• Coastal protection and structural design studies inclusive of geotechnical analysis
• Morphological impact studies

Prior to commencing the design of coastal protection structures, a correct understanding of the morpho-dynamic system needs to be derived. Accurate wave, flow and preliminary morphological numerical studies are required to obtain design conditions and serve as basis for the structural design studies. The optimum layout scheme and structural design is a balance between costs, functioning of the design, (environmental) impact of the scheme and (practical) construction methodology. Final layouts can be verified using 2D or 3D scale model testing in dedicated laboratories, under supervision of CDR.
CDR staff and partners have performed numerous coastal protection (design) studies projects all over the world. We provide highly accurate modelling studies, comprehensive project management with a flexible approach to the client and experienced design experts for cost-effective design optimization.

Coastal Engineering Projects

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