About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a professional specialist player in the water related sector, with focus on the coastal, delta and riverine areas.

We have an expanding team with an indigenous and international network of specialist expertise and management skills. We see as our mission to provide the best quality services and deliverables to the satisfaction of customers in a pleasant, direct and open cooperation. Towards the client we focus on flexibility, good, quick and open communication and delivery on time. We adopt the highest working and operational ethics in all aspects and focus on added value in broadest sense to our customers projects.

Our Core Business

CDR provides consultancy, engineering, and project management services for the following expertise fields :

  • Marine design engineering: breakwaters, groynes, revetments, beach nourishments
  • Coastal and riverine shoreline protection and reclamation works
  • Land reclamation schemes: hydraulic fill, soil engineering, hydraulic protection
  • Third party verification and (model)testing of hydraulic structures
  • Port design: port master planning, breakwaters, navigational aids and nautical mooring studies
  • Shipyard and ship repair yard design
  • High-end numerical modelling for waterways, ports and coastal areas
  • Conceptual urban planning and urban drainage schemes
  • Inland waterway transport studies
  • Water management master planning
  • Flood management and flood protection schemes
  • Hurricane and cyclone studies, early warning systems
  • Bathymetric and topographic surveys
  • Geotechnical engineering studies
  • GIS applied to Maritime, Coastal and River Disciplines

Together with our specialist partners we also provide for hydraulic and morphological numerical modelling studies, topographic, hydrographic and geotechnical surveys and investigation campaigns, physical model testing of marine structures and third party value engineering and design review.
In our work we emphasize on the combination of high-accuracy studies, practical solutions and we are involving experienced specialists that come up with state-of-the-art, reliable and cost-effective designs and solutions.