Hydraulic Modelling

CDR offers extensive hydrodynamic modelling experience and uses state-of-the-art modelling software, including the MIKE21 suite and Deltares software in a strategic partnership with MetOcean Consult (www.metoceanconsult.com). Hydraulic modelling studies provide hydraulic design conditions and can be used to optimize coastal and riverine projects. CDR provides the following hydraulic and numerical modelling studies:
• Metocean studies: high accuracy offshore wave- and wind data
• Wave studies: nearshore wave statistics and wave penetration studies
• Hydrodynamic modelling studies: water levels and flow conditions in coastal areas and river system
• Morphological studies

Together with our partners we also provide site survey campaigns, viz. hydrographic, topographic and geotechnical survey campaigns to support the numerical modelling studies and provide for important local hydrodynamic and geotechnical data.

Hydraulic Modelling Projects