Infrastructural Engineering

Infrastructural Engineering

CDR and their International partners can provide expertise in infrastructure design and construction, this expertise with our local and international partners is for the construction of jetty’s, bridges, sheet piled walls, buildings & warehouses, retaining & buried structures and roads.

  • Prefeasibility and Feasibility Study
  • Structural analysis and design
  • Site topographic and geotechnical surveys
  • GIS and AutoCAD Services
  • Preliminary and detailed design
  • Project Management
  • Demolition
  • Construction
  • Site Supervision

Together with our partners we also provide site survey campaigns to support the feasibility and detailed design processes and then transpose our optimized design into construction documentation for the build process.

CDR’s personnel are equipped with the capacity to provide structural designs for different building types based on use and material. Our engineers are experienced with reinforced concrete, structural steel, masonry and timber-based structures of various complexities for residential, commercial and industrial use. We also provide building inspections and assessment services, with expansion and rehabilitation not excluded.

We also offer services that cover the design of temporary retaining structures (sheet pile walls, secant piles, coffer dams, braced cuts in excavations), rigid cast-in place walls, tied-back wall systems mechanically stabilized earth walls and quay walls (port structures).

We provide the planning and design for dams and wind turbines which are critical infrastructures for renewable energy generation. We are experts at providing efficient solutions for hydropower generation which includes impoundment, run-of-river and pumped storage for various dam types such as gravity, arch and buttress dams depending on site-terrain and other factors. Optimized solutions are also provided for onshore and offshore wind turbine power generation from design to installation and operation.

Bridge Design and Works

The team is able to provide preliminary and detailed design for bridge structures varying in size and structural forms. Using latest design software such as Lusas, Superstress and STAAD, designs of the bridges include :

  • Analysis of expected traffic loads, intensities and further conditions;
  • Design of bridge approach, abutment, foundation (piles), bearings and joints;
  • Design of bridge deck
  • Design of barriers

The overall aim of the engineering services we provide leads to an integrated design and construction process for any bridge structure.

Infrastructural Engineering Projects

Nigeria – Dangote Oil Refining Company (DORC) – FEED Design Quay Expansion

Nigeria – FIDC – Ilubirin Development Access Road and Bridge Design

Nigeria – FIDC – Ilubirin Urban Mixed Used Housing Development

Nigeria – NPA – Condition Survey of Koko Port Sheet Piles

Nigeria – NPA – TinCan Island Port Shore Protection