CDR has carried out the Preliminary Design study of Coastal Protection works for safeguarding of Beaches for Maiyegun Beach Estate Development with options:

  1. sustainable – with respect to stability of both hard structures and beach development
  2. demanding a minimum amount of construction material (cost efficiency) and
  3. constructible in a straight-forward way

Drone Images Maiyegun Beach


02 CDR-Nigeria-Maiyegun-Estate-drone-04042019-23-300x169

03 CDR-Nigeria-Maiyegun-Estate-drone-04042019-14-300x169

04 CDR-Nigeria-Maiyegun-Estate-drone-04042019-6-300x169

05 CDR-Nigeria-Maiyegun-Estate-drone-04042019-4-300x169

06 CDR-Nigeria-Maiyegun-Estate-drone-04042019-34-300x169

07 CDR-Nigeria-Maiyegun-Estate-drone-04042019-22-300x169