MetOcean Studies

Data Services

Reliable hydraulic design conditions are crucial in every offshore, port and coastal development project. This begins with the acquisition, interpretation and validation of accurate offshore data, knowledge of the local climatology and the technology used to produce the data. Where available, all data are validated with measurement data from alternative sources such as buoys or satellites. CDR provides detailed and high quality meteorological and oceanic data (both archived data as well as forecast data) for use in offshore and coastal projects.

Wave Studies

Wave modelling studies are performed for the following purposes:
• Transform the offshore wave climate to their corresponding nearshore wave climates
• Perform wave disturbance and resonance studies in ports and harbours
• Provide input for sediment transport studies
• Derive wave loadings for marine structures, piles, pipelines etc.

Wave studies are performed from global scale to smaller, local scales; applying a wide range of state-of-the-art wave models. We operate both third generation spectral models (MIKE21-SW and SWAN) as well as time domain models (Boussinesq and non-hydrostatic, MIKE21-BW and SWASH).

Wave Disturbance

Wave conditions within ports and harbours often require the application of phase resolving models to properly take into account processes such as wave transmission, reflection and diffraction which are typically dominant in those areas. In certain circumstances, also long wave (infra-gravity wave) action and the port’s response to long waves is investigated as moored vessels are responsive to long wave frequencies. We have wide experience in studying wave phenomena typically dominant in port areas, making use of MIKE21-BW and SWASH. We perform detailed wave amplification analysis and wave resonance studies, as well as wave penetration of primary (sea and swell) waves.

Meteorological and Oceanographic (MetOcean) Studies

For the development and design of offshore and coastal structures, it is important to understand the mechanics of the sometimes harsh and challenging surroundings this new structure will be placed in. CDR maintains databases of global long-term wind and wave records as well as historical cyclone tracks which allows us to produce Metocean reports for use for a first site selection and as critical input for numerical modelling studies.
Operational, extreme as well as short term wind and wave statistics can be provided for offshore locations and later translated to nearshore by wave studies. In addition, we can develop site and project-specific marine forecast services.

MetOcean Studies Projects