Value Engineering Eko Atlantic, Lagos – SENL

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Value engineering studies optimisation of wave wall design of the main sea defence of the Eko Atlantic city development  ( by adopting an alternative approach for wave overtopping reduction.

Welcome to our company

CDR Engineering Consultancy (Nigeria) Ltd. is a fully independent coastal, river and port engineering and consultancy firm having strong ties with Netherlands marine and maritime expertise. CDR stands for Coasts, Deltas and Rivers, the environment and field of our expertise in broadest sense. CDR is focusing on project development, management, design and engineering services in particular in the marine and maritime sector. Our services cover the range of project idea development, (bankable) feasibility studies, detailed mathematical modelling and design studies to supervision during the construction phase.

CDR started in 2012 and operates with specialist staff and a selected team of specialists, with whom we can cover the entire range of services in which we would like to participate. The team consists of coastal, rivers and port engineers, metocean, hydraulic and morphological mathematical modelling specialists, environmental and geotechnical specialist. We often complement our services with strong and reliable partners and an extensive network of highly experienced specialists, for instance for site investigations or urban development aspects on reclamations, experts related to financial and economical studies and PPP transaction advisory.

The CDR team is formed by enthusiastic and committed junior, medior and senior experts, who are originating from a wide range of world renowned companies in the marine, maritime, water management and oil and gas sector. Because of this setting, we are very flexible and can anticipate directly on the needs of our clients, offering high quality and expertise while keeping the lines short, communication easy and prices competitive. Moreover, since part of our team has ample site experience on several projects we are capable to merge theoretical and practical aspects in our engineering studies and deliverables.

Due to the setting of CDR the client is in direct communication with the project consultant, we offer a great flexibility, complex business management is avoided and overhead is minimized. Because of our partners and large network, CDR can offer a very wide range of professional services.