Boskalis is doing the Marine Construction. Two major fairly constant environmental parameters are the basis of the concept: abundance of sand and dominant swell waves originating from a narrow bandwidth of directions. The resulting constant (net and gross) alongshore sediment transport enables a stable sandbar over time, to serve as main part of the breakwater. Main advantages of this breakwater are:

  1. Easier to construct as less rock need to be sourced;
  2. Nature constantly introduces sand to keep the sandbar stable
  3. Significant reduction of costs.

The project has started in October 2017 and completion by Boskalis is expected around June 2018. CDR is providing the following services:

  • Conceptual & Detailed Design
  • Morpho-Hydraulic Modelling of Sandbar and Sand Engine
  • Tender Documents
  • Technical Tender Evaluation
  • 3D Design Modelling,
  • 3D Physical Modelling Study on Sandbar Groyne Stability
  • On- and offsite overall Engineering Consultancy to Client during entire course of the project